New Initiatives

Documentation of flora and fauna of UFTA campus

With the initiative of Director, UFTA, Shri N.V.Singh, attempts are being made to document flora and fauna of this campus. These documents not only makes an assessment of biodiversity at the campus but also functions as guides for the trainees and provides them with the opportunity of learning.


Workshop on 'Gender Perceptions and Sensitization'

A new beginning has been made in the history of UFTA by organization of first ever three-day workshop on ‘Gender Perceptions and Sensitization’ with the collaboration of Uttarakhand Administration Academy, Nainital during 5-7th Sep, 2012 as part of Forest Guard Training Course. Since 50% of the batch of Forest Guard Trainees comprised of women, a strong need was felt to organize such a workshop. This workshop gave exposure to trainees in wide ranging topics including perceptions on gender, equality in work, special needs of women field officers, enhancement of coordination and cooperation among colleagues for better productivity, team building exercises, safety at workplace for women etc. It was carried through various modes like lectures, group exercises, movie shows and panel discussion. This training, not only educated the women trainees about the prevalent laws and regulations about safety of women at work place and their rights but also inspired and motivated them to perform as well as, if not better than their male counterparts in their physically challenging job profile as the profession was chosen by them at their will. It also sensitized male participants towards the special needs of women and urged them to work in tandem with women colleagues.

Self Defense Training

A new initiative was taken by starting self defense training for the Forest Guard Trainees of 2017 batch. This training is being conducted by Karate champion of International fame and aims to develop the trainees mentally and physically in defending oneself. The training is imparted in evening sessions, four times a week.


In our academy Human Resource Development has bee now introduced for almost all the courses. Through this the employees of forest department are helped in a continuous and planned way to acquire capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected future roles, develop their general capabilities as individuals and discover their own potentials, develop an organizational culture in which superior subordinate relationship, teamwork and collaboration among subunits are strong and contribute to professional well being.

Training for Van Nigam Scalers

First time after the creation of the Uttarakhand State - Assistant Scaler Officers were recurited in Forest Department, one week long orientation course was prepared and delivered in UFTA Haldwani.

Agro-Foresty Study Tour for the Villagers

3 Days field Agro-Foresty field study tour for the Villagers of Bihar State were organized.

Exposure Trips of JFMC Members of Uttar Pradesh Forest Department

India is one of the 12 biodiversity hotspots of the world where 60 to 70% of biodiversity of the world exists. For the conservation of this huge and unique biodiversity, Reserved Forests and Protected Areas have been declared by the govt. The huge biotic pressure on these Forest due to villages in the vicinity/ periphery had led the govt. to think about a strategy. Peoples’ Participation is one of the strategies adopted to involve community/locals of those villages which are peripheral around Forest areas and put immense biotic pressure on them in terms of illegal felling, poaching, excessive grazing and removal of fodder etc. This arrangement is to motivate people to conserve wildlife and natural resources. The participation of local communities, strengthening of other stakeholders and liaisoning between them etc. are the issues which have been paid heed. This concept has helped decreasing biotic pressure on Forest and Wildlife.

The Central Concept of increasing Forest Cover has been to Conserve the perceived “natural state” OR “wilderness”. But it is a widely recognized fact that the rural poor who reside around PAs throughout the country, rely quiet heavily on forest for their day to day needs and subsistence and Uttarakhand cannot be an exception. Head loading wood from the forest has been a very routine practice of villagers residing in and around the forest land and that is the reason why the habitat of wild animals is getting depleted day by day. Villagers find forest as the best available, freely accessible natural resources to be exploited without bringing this in their minds that this forest provides what direct and indirect benefits other that timber or fuelwood. In today’s scenario, it is an established fact that the management of forest to be done along with the human beings all around it and a closer look at the forest policy changes with in the country reflects this very trend of involving local community participation (or collaborative management!) approach of primary stakeholder like villagers with forest department protecting the forest as well as diverting the needs of villagers, based in forest resources to some other innovative, cheap and easily available resources has also been advocated and canvassed.

In Uttarakhand, we have many successful examples of Peoples’ Participation in form of Joint Forest Management Committees and Village Forest Protection Committees of Van Panchayats which work to assist the forest department in protection of Natural Resources along with creating livelihood opportunity for themselves. Hence, it seems necessary to expose JFMC members of other states (specially the members from Uttar Pradesh) to the integrated approach for the forest and wildlife, man-animal conflict resolution and various other activities related to community development.

The FTA ( Forest Training Academy ) has been organizing customized training programmes and annually on an average imparts training for about 500 people that include farmers, EDC/ JFMC and Van Panchayat Committee members as well as forest and field level staff. The academy has well maintained hostels to accommodate more than 60 persons.


The exposure visits of JFMCs of Uttar Pradesh in State of Uttarakhand are proposed broadly to cover area and different aspects of People Participation related activities as given under:

  1. Exposure to JFMCs and Van Panchayats doing good work in terms of forest protection as well as in livelihood generation.
  2. Visit to GB Pant University to have first hand information on agro-forestry based models.
  3. Interaction with Progressive farmers who have adopted various agro forestry models including medicinal plant cultivation.
  4. Interaction with field staff as well as experienced persons in the field of Peoples’ Participation.

What's New

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

UFTA website redesigned with new content and look.
The UFTA library has been customized to fully fledged cyber and security informatica. It contains books of Networking interest to Complex Problem Solving and Expert systems approach.