Nature at Campus

As soon as a visitor enters the UFTA, he is transcended into a peaceful and tranquil world of lush greenry with dazzling and colorful flowers while the birds fill his heart with sweet melodies and myriad butterflies flash brilliant colors all throughout. Such is the beauty of this campus which is situated in the midst of a crowded city's pandemonium. Nature's bounties are plentiful here on this 27 ha land campus as big patches of dense and dark sal and mixed species natural forests are still maintained and protected here. These patches are not only treasure chest of floral biodiversity but are home to multitude of animals like birds including bulbuls, jays, parakeets, mynas, koel, owls, tits etc. repltiles like cobras, pythons etc., mammals like civets, jackals, sambhar etc. and large array of invertebrates. Apart from these forest patches, large number of ornamental and fruiting trees has been planted throughout the campus which also helps in sustaining the population of birds, butterflies and other critters. The trees and plants on this campus like amla, harar, bahera, neem, bakain etc. also hold great significance as medicinal plants. With the initiative of Director, UFTA, Shri N.V.Singh, attempts are being made to document flora and fauna of this campus. These documents not only makes an assessment of biodiversity at the campus but also functions as guides for the trainees and provides them with the opportunity of learning.

Trees of UFTA Campus

It is s comprehensive colored guide of 95 trees of campus with images of whole tree as well as different parts such as leaves, flowers, fruits and bark for identification. It describes the tree along with mentioning its distribution, flowering and fruiting time, parts used, medicinal and other uses as well as its religious significance. It has been conceptualized, designed and documented by Smt. Neha Verma, Deputy Director, UFTA under the guidance of Shri N.V.Singh, Director, UFTA. Dinesh Rana from the ministerial staff, Pankaj Joshi and Anil Chauhan at UFTA also helped in the execution of work.

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Birds of UFTA Campus

Bird watching or birding is a life time ticket to the theater of nature. The field observation of birds is an educative, exciting, healthy, inexpensive and rewarding hobby enjoyed by millions of all ages in the world. Bird-watching requires no formal training. It only requires keen interest and patience. But for beginners, identifying a bird in its first sight is a difficult task without the help of any field guide. Most of the field guide presently available in our campus library is little difficult for beginners due to its illustrative nature with a wide variety of species. The job will be easier for the beginners once if they have a field guide which is exclusively for the UFTA campus. Once we go around the campus, we could find more variety of birds in different habitat. A Field Guide to the birds in Uttrakhand Forestry Training Academy is meant to cater a basic interest in trainees who are all having different science back ground.

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What's New

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

UFTA website redesigned with new content and look.
The UFTA library has been customized to fully fledged cyber and security informatica. It contains books of Networking interest to Complex Problem Solving and Expert systems approach.