Mr. N V Singh
IFS - Director, CCF
Our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru truly said- “Training is expensive. Without training it’s more expensive.”

As a matter of fact training is a tool for increasing manpower productivity. It’s a learning experience in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve his / her ability to perform to on the job. It involves changing of skills, attitude and knowledge.

The administration of the academy is headed by an officer of the Indian Forest Services (IFS), of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF).

Number of Deputy Directors, both from Indian Forest Services as well as Provincial Forest Service, and Assistant Directors serve under him for the smooth functioning of administrative as well as academic works of the academy. Apart from these, academy has some other faculty members for imparting training to the trainees. Team of clerical staff, Range Officers, Foresters and Forest Guards carry out other day to day functions of the academy.

Organizational Structure

Faculty Members

Mr. Kapil Kumar Joshi
Designation- Chief Conservator of Forests
Position- Director
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand
Area of specialization- Human Resource Management
Mr. Vivek Pandey
Designation- DCF
Position- Deputy Director, UFTA
Phone- 94120 87818
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- Director, Kalagarh Training Centre; DFO, Tarai Central; DFO, Nainital; DFO, Tarai East Division
Area of specialization- Wildlife
Ms. Neha Verma
Designation- DCF
Position- Deputy Director, UFTA
Phone- 94120 84270
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- Silviculturist, Uttarakhand, Nainital
Area of specialization- Wildlife Conservation & Management, Modern Tools & Techniques like RS-GIS, GPS etc.
Mr. Rajmani Pandey
Designation- ACF
Position- Deputy Director, UFTA
Phone- 75201
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- DFO, Champawat; Working Plan Officer Tons Division
Area of specialization- Management of Forest; Training; HRD
Mr. Jeewan Chandra Joshi
Designation- Deputy Director (ACF)
Position- Deputy Director, UFTA
Phone- 90121 84000
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- Deputy Secretary, Uttarakhand Forest Hospital Trust, Haldwani
Area of specialization- Training
Kailash Chandra Pathak
Designation- Draughtsman
Position- Draughtsman
Phone- 94111 02780
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- CF Office Faizabad, DFO Office M. Nagar, CCF Office Bareilly, DFO Office Bulandshahar, CF Office Fire Fighting Haldwani.
Area of specialization- Map of building, Estimates, RTI & Income Tax Calculation.
Shekhar Chandra Pandey
Designation- Administrative Officer
Position- Administrative Officer
Phone- 94103 33305
E-mail address- -
Previous Posting- Silviculturist, Sal Region, Haldwani
Area of specialization- Office Management (Leaves, ACD, Pay, Retirement and TA Bills)
Vinog Kumar Gunvant
Designation- Lab Assitant
Position- Lab Assitant
Phone- 96343 80846
E-mail address- -
Previous Posting- -
Area of specialization- Botany, Forest Utilization
Pankaj Joshi
Designation- GIS Analyst
Position- Faculty
Phone- 94129 52524
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- GIS Tech SGO, Survey of India, Dehradun.
Area of specialization- GIS, Computer
Dinesh Singh Rana
Designation- Organised Crew
Position- Organised Crew
Phone- 94111 02359
E-mail address-
Previous Posting- Modern Forest Fire Control Peoject, Haldwani, Silviculturist, Sal Region.
Area of specialization- Forest Fire Fighting Techniques.

Administrative Staff
Sl. No. Name Designation Phone/ Mobile
1.  Sri Anand Singh Rana Sr. Admin. officer 99273 19938
2. Sri Thakur Ram Sr. Personal Assistant 97613 37915
3. Sri Kailash Chandra Pathak Draughtsman 94111 02780
4. Sri Shekhar Chandra Pandey Administrative officer 94563 22171
5. Sri Harish Chandra Mahtoliya Administrative officer 94567 26468
6. Sri Gopal Singh Bisht Administrative officer 96275 93268
7. Sri Jagat Singh Rawat Senior Assistant 96398 70712
8. Sri Ram Singh Negi Senior Assistant 94105 13108
9. Sri Govind Ballabh Joshi Junior Assistant 94111 02829
10. Smt.Shabnam Parveen Junior Assistant 73517 33635
11. Smt.Mithlesh Junior Assistant 93597 66945
12. Sri Om Prakash Mathpal Deputy Ranger 75000 44110
13. Sri Vinod Kumar Gunwant Lab Assistant 96343 80846
14. Sri Ram Awatar Sharma Electrician 97596 36563
15. Sri Ishwari Dutt Pant Forester 94582 22545
16.  Sri Dinesh Singh Rana Organized Crew 94111 02359
17. Sri Pooran Chandra Driver 94123 34573
18. Sri Pitambar Dutt Dangwal Driver -
19. Sri Gopal Singh Driver 97612 10502
20. Sri Harish Singh  Rana Driver 99271 31580
21. Sri Pan Singh Negi Driver 99272 90550
22. Sri Shiv Singh Orderly 94105 13151
23. Sri Harish Chandra Bhatt Orderly 96396 34074
24. Sri Jeevan Singh Chaprasi 99175 32734
25. Sri Nazim Irfan Chaprasi 94103 81357
26. Sri Amim Ahmad Field Attendant 99272 09172
27. Sri Padma Dutt Joshi Field Attendant 95462 34091
28. Sri Anand Ram Dakia 89580 76904
29. Sri Pratap Ram Chaukidar 96908 81137
30. Smt.Bhagwati Devi Chaukidar 95462 34091
31. Sri Jagat Singh Jamadar Orderly 94105 13108
32. Sri Om Prakash Sweeper 95462 34091
33. Sri Jai Karan Sweeper 99274 19208
34. Sri Subhash Lal Sweeper 97585 13460
35. Sri Karam Ram Khalasi 90125 15530

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

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