Forest Guards Training Courses

Forest Guards are trained as per the 'Entrance and Training Rules (Revised) – 2004' which have been approved by Government of India. The duration of course is 6 months. Along with UFTA, Forest Guards training are carried out at Forest Guard Training Institute, Rampur Mandi, Dehradun, Forest Guard Training Institute, Jainti, Almora and Wildlife Training Institute, Kalagarh. All the women Forest Guards are trained exclusively at UFTA. Following table depicts the number of Forest Guard trainees trained in all the Forest Guard Training Institutes in Uttarakhand, since the formation of this state in year 2000 :

Year No. of Training Batches per year No. of Forest Guards trained
2000 01 41
2001 02 64
2002 02 59
2003 01 17
2004 02 99
2005 02 98
2006 02 82
2007 02 76
2008 02 119
2009 02 237
2010 02 360
2011 02 273
2012 02 247
Total 1770

Administrative Control

At present, none of the other Forest Guard Training Institutes are under the direct administrative control of UFTA, although, their syllabus, training schedule, trainees list, exam papers and final results are either prepared or approved by UFTA. Administrative control of those institutes is as follows –

Kalagarh Wildlife Training Institute Director, Corbett National Park, Ramnagar
Forest Guard Training Institute, Rampur Mandi DFO, Chakrata Forest Division, Kalsi
Forest Guard Training Institute, Jainti (UFTA) Uttarakhand Forestry Training Academy Haldwani

Course Content

Course content for Forest Guard training has been approved by Directorate of Forest Education, ICFRE, Dehradun. Following are the topics which are taught during the training –

  1. Silviculture I
  2. Forest Protection & Law
  3. Silviculture II
  4. Survey & Engineering
  5. Forest Utilization
  6. Wildlife Conservation
  7. Accounts & Procedure
  8. Community Forestry
  9. Environmental Conservation

Detailed syllabus and the course guidelines can be downloaded through following link

Guards Course Content

A part from the regular subjects, trainings in varied topics like medicinal plants, intelligence gathering, GPS, computer skills, camera traps, disaster management etc. are also organized so as to expose the trainees to new methods, tools and technologies used in forestry sector. Also to broaden the perceptions, recently a first ever training on ‘Gender Perceptions and Sensitization’ has been organized at UFTA for Forest Guard trainees with the collaboration of Uttarakhand Academy of Administration, Nainital.

Tours / Excursion

The Forest Guard Training has been designed to imparted theoretical knowledge to the trainees supplemented by extensive field visits and practical work. They are taken to various nurseries, plantations, wildlife centers, NTFP factories, timber depots, ecotourism centers etc. to learn by seeing and doing as well as to gain insight into real field working. They are also given hands on training in raising plants in nursery, raising plantation, maintaining plantations, seed collection and storage, preparing vermicompost, lantana eradication etc. Trainees are also taken on long tours to visit various Forest Divisions throughout Uttarakhand so that they are introduced to the magnificent natural wealth of Uttarakhand and also to get see the best practices in forestry all over Uttarakhand.

Physical Training

UFTA has a strong focus on physical development of their trainees. For this, trainees are imparted physical training everyday in the morning and in evening as well. Morning sessions generally focus on body fitness and stamina development while evening sessions focuses on imparting skills in sports like volleyball, cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis etc. Different modes of physical training like yoga, swimming, karate are also used here in the academy. Also, trainings are taken for long distance trekking in the forests on regular basis.

Other Activities

Weapons, motor mechanics and first aid is also an integral part of Forest Range Officers Training at UFTA. All the trainees are given instructions on different kinds of weapons used and all imparted hands on training in handling, maintaining and using those weapons. For overall personality development of the trainees, no. of extra-curricular activities are organized on regular basis. Cultural evenings, Sports functions, Wildlife movie shows, Festival celebrations, social gatherings are regular part of the training curriculum.

What's New

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

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