Others Courses

  • Bio Diversity Training
  • Multi - State Forestry Partnership
  • Environment Day
  • Agro Forestry Study Tour (Bihar)
  • Fire Arms Training
  • Disaster Management

Ten days Disaster Management and Rescue Operations course is also conducted at U.F.T.A, Haldwani.

Two days Eco-Tourism Course. To involve local village community in conservation of bio-diversity and protection of the natural wealth and facilitate their active participation, eco-development committees (EDCs) have been formed near protected areas (PAs) and funds have been allotted to them. The venue of the course is the U.F.T.A, Haldwani campus.

What's New

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

UFTA website redesigned with new content and look.
The UFTA library has been customized to fully fledged cyber and security informatica. It contains books of Networking interest to Complex Problem Solving and Expert systems approach.