Forest Range Officers Training (UFTA)

Forest Range officers are trained as per the ‘Entrance and Training Rules (Revised) – 2004’ which have been approved by Government of India. The duration of the course shall be of eighteen months. There shall be a term break of 30 days during the course. Principal may fix time of term break. The period of term break shall count towards earned leave.

Following table depicts the number of Forest Range Officers trainees trained in Uttarakhand forestry training academy, since 1979

Sr No. Year FRO Trainees
1 79-80 30
2 80-81 24
3 81-82 58
4 82-83 44
5 83-84 42
6 84-85 33
7 85-86 44
8 86-87 45
9 88-89 48
10 89-90 50
11 90-91 30
12 90-92 19
13 91-93 40
14 92-94 30
15 93-95 29
16 94-96 25
17 95-97 32
18 96-98 24
19 97-99 34
20 98-2000 31
21 2000-02 30
22 2003-05 16
23 2010-11 25
24 2011-12 31
25 2013-14 38
26 2015-16 40
27 2016-18 38

Administrative Control

The Director, Forest Education shall decide the number of 'Officer Trainees' for category:

(i) of Rule 4 to be admitted giving due regard to the requirements of sponsoring authorities. He shall communicate the number of seats allotted in the respective college to the sponsoring authority well in advance of the commencement of the course. In case of demand of seats belonging to category..

(ii) of Rule-4, the Director, Forest Education shall communicate such allotment to respective sponsoring Governments under intimation to Government of India. In case, any sponsoring authority is not in a position to utilize full number of seats allotted in a particular year, it will intimate the same to the Director Forest Education well in time.

Course Content

Course content for Forest Rangers training has been approved by Directorate of Forest Education, Dehradun. Following are the topics which are taught during the training :

FIRST PHASE - Subjects

  1. General Botany/ Mathematics
  2. Applications of Modern Tools and Technology
  3. Silviculture – I
  4. Silviculture – II
  5. Forest Resource Assessment
  6. Forest Survey
  7. Forest Engineering
  8. Adverse Influences on Forests
  9. Forest Utilization – I


  1. Forest Policy and Law
  2. Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  3. Forest Utilization – II
  4. Forest Resources Management
  5. Natural Resource Management
  6. Forest Economics
  7. Biodiversity Conservation and Management
  8. Joint Forest Management, Rural and Tribal Development
  9. Human Resources Development and Management
  10. Forest Accounts and Office Procedures.

Detailed syllabus and the course guidelines can be downloaded through following link

Forest Range Officer Training Course

Tours / Excursion

There shall be three study tours during First Phase and two study tours during Second Phase. Total number of days dedicated for tours shall be 145. Performance of the 'Officer Trainee' during study tour and field exercises shall be assessed in the First and Second Phases in the following manner:

Tour/Field Exercises Max. Marks (each tour)
i. Tour examination 80
ii. Tour journal 50
iii. Quiz test 20
iv. Tour symposium 20
v. Botanical collection 30
Total 200

Total marks in five tours 1000

Assessment in respect of field exercises shall be made towards the end of First and Second Phase. Allotment of marks for field exercises shall be as under:

Field Exercise Phase Max Marks
i. Nursery, Plantation and Cultural operation I 40
ii. Mensuration I 40
iii. Marking and logging I 20
iv. Road Alignment I 50
v. Engineering I 50
vi. Working Plan II 150
vii. Ecological Census Techniques II 50
Total 400

Physical Training

UFTA has a strong focus on physical development of their trainees. For this, trainees are imparted physical training everyday in the morning and in evening as well. Morning sessions generally focus on body fitness and stamina development while evening sessions focuses on imparting skills in sports like volleyball, cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis etc. Different modes of physical training like yoga, swimming, karate are also used here in the academy. Also, trainings are taken for long distance trekking in the forests on regular basis.

Other Activities

Weapons, motor mechanics and first aid is also an integral part of Forest Range Officers Training at UFTA. All the trainees are given instructions on different kinds of weapons used and all imparted hands on training in handling, maintaining and using those weapons. For overall personality development of the trainees, no. of extra-curricular activities are organized on regular basis. Cultural evenings, Sports functions, Wildlife movie shows, Festival celebrations, social gatherings are regular part of the training curriculum.

What's New

Convocation Ceremony for Range Officers Training Course 2011-2012 will be held on 5th Nov 2012 in auditorium of UFTA.

Self Defense Training is being organized for Forest Guard Training Course 2012 Second Session.

UFTA website redesigned with new content and look.
The UFTA library has been customized to fully fledged cyber and security informatica. It contains books of Networking interest to Complex Problem Solving and Expert systems approach.