Uttarakhand Forestry Training Academy

Haldwani, Nainital (Uttarakhand)

Uttarakhand Forest Research Institute is actively engaged in biodiversity conservation program through excellence research management. These various research activities will help in finding suitable mechanisms for conservation and restoration of ideal habitats and for creating effective models for conservation programme, of various biodiversity components of Uttarakhand, especially the high altitude Himalayan region.Research wing of Uttarakhand Forest Department has conserved total 1823 species through in situ and ex situ conservation measures. Out of these, 1748 species have been identified and 75 are yet to be identified. A total 12 of species among these are critically endangered, 23 species are endangered; 14 species are venerable and 13 are near threatened as per IUCN categorization; while 1 species is endangered, 3 species are vulnerable, and 4 species are rare as per ENVIS; and 5 are critically endangered, 8 are endangered, 5 are vulnerable as per BSI; 13 species are threatened as per Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board list and 1 species is critically endangered, 2 species are endangered, 4 species are vulnerable and 3 species are rare as per Indian Biodiversity Portal. Further, out of 1823 total conserved species, 61 species are endemic, of which 35 are near endemic, 7 species are endemic to Uttarakhand, and 10 are endemic to Indian Himalayan Region and 9 species are endemic to India. A total of 518 species conserved have medicinal properties. Visit Forest Institute website

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